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XVF Player

Simple Music Player

© Luis A. Florit

Xvf Player is intended to be a robust fast audio player that plays either: In the first two cases, after a restart Xvf Player resumes playing the last folder/song, from the beginning of the song if its duration is shorter than 10 minutes, or where it left if it is longer.

To select a folder/song/playlist to play, click on the first lines of the Player (folder/song information).
To add a song to a playlist, longclick the song information line and choose a m3u playlist file (if none is selected, a new.m3u playlist file will be created).

Long-press play button to pause player, press to continue.
The player can also be operated through the Notifications.

Remember to Allow management of all files (app Storage permission) and to also allow to set Do Not Disturb.

This is the only Music Player I use for Android. You can get the APK here.

Sorry for the lack of further information, I will fill this ASAP.