Aves do P.N. Serra dos Orgãos, Teresópolis, RJBirds from Serra dos Orgãos National park, Teresópolis, RJ

quero-queroSouthern Lapwing
(Charadriidae: Vanellus chilensis) TODASALL
FloritFoto FloritFoto FloritFoto

trepador-quieteBuff-browed Foliage-gleaner
(Furnariidae: Syndactyla rufosuperciliata) TODASALL
FloritFoto FloritFoto

tangará, machoSwallow-tailed Manakin, male
(Pipridae: Chiroxiphia caudata) TODASALL
FloritFoto FloritFoto

miudinhoEared Pygmy-Tyrant
(Rhynchocyclidae: Myiornis auricularis) TODASALL

tovacuçuVariegated Antpitta
(Grallariidae: Grallaria varia) TODASALL
FloritFoto FloritFoto
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